Salsa Lessons

Snellville, GA

Near Snellville, Georgia, All About Ballroom offers premiere lessons in ballroom dance. Dancing is possibly one of the most joyous activities we can take part in. Throughout history and among all cultures dance and song play large parts among groups of people. It may be the only consistent activity that spans across the world and connects us all. The feeling of moving gracefully through and among other dancers in ballroom dance is possibly the most freeing feeling while also managing to take quite a lot of control. If you've ever wanted to experience this feeling come over to All About Ballroom.

All About Ballroom offers dance lessons to all shapes and sizes of people with all different backgrounds in experience. We offer first dance lessons to the young and the old, and we believe we can teach anyone to accomplish a large list of dances. We invite you to enjoy your first dance lessons in the quickstep, rumba, bolero and the two-step among many more. Learn to ballroom dance with us at All About Ballroom. Our well-trained staff has taught dance for many years and we truly take joy in the activity. We want you to experience that joy as well.

All About Ballroom is located near Snellville, Georgia, and offers a variety of 'learn to ballroom classes' on a varied schedule to accommodate even the craziest of weekly schedules. Our instructors have long histories of dancing, teaching and choreographing and we want to share that with you. Come join us in the most joyous activities our bodies can partake in. All that we ask is that you come ready to dance. Open from 9 am to 11 pm there's almost always someone here to take your call and schedule your first dance lesson with us at All About Ballroom. Call us today and take your first dance steps.