About Us

We here at All About Ballroom have made it our goal to introduce some rhythm and style into the lives of each and every single one of our students, no matter what the level of their dancing instruction currently is! From beginners to seasoned pros, there is sure to always be something new and fun to learn here at All About Ballroom. We offer the most affordable of prices and rates when it comes to our swing classes, our ballroom dancing classes, our Latin dance classes, as well as our salsa lessons. If you have been looking for a place near to Lawrenceville, Georgia that you can come to for your first dance lessons that are affordable, experienced, and skilled as well as highly reliable and patient, then be sure to look no further than to All About Ballroom each and every single time! All About Ballroom is the best place to be for all of your wedding dance lessons, beginners dance lessons, ballroom private lessons, and more. So if you have been thinking about trying to learn to ballroom dance, come to All About Ballroom!